How does Chevrolet help with Accessibility for its customers?


Nothing is more important to Chevrolet than ensuring the safety and accessibility of its services, cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. From our websites to our vehicles, we are constantly seeking new ways to make research, interaction, acquisition, and driving more accessible than ever. Let’s take a deep look into all of the ways Chevrolet is working to increase accessibility across the board.

Website and Media AccessibilityStan McNabb Chevrolet

For many would-be car buyers, the web is the first point of contact between them and their local Chevrolet dealer. Making sure that people with varying levels of ability have the same access to all things on our websites is of paramount importance. As such, we will do our best going forward to ensure that all text content can be understood through text-free alternatives, that video-only content is available for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, and that audio-only content is available for people with blindness or low vision.

These include captions for all video content, detailed descriptions in audio content, and sign language interpretation for all prerecorded audio content. Our goal is to maximize the information put forward through each form of communication and to make sure that every method’s information is as identical as possible to that presented through every other method. It is important that those with colorblindness experience our media as fully and fruitfully as possible, so colorblindness color-tuned video will also be produced.

Text will be re-sizable without assistive tech to up to 200% of normal size with zero functionality loss, so those who have difficulty reading small text will be covered too. We recognize that variations in background and foreground audio can exacerbate difficulties hearing the important parts of some videos, so we’re going to do our best to eliminate as much of that variance as possible. For ease of use, all web-related functionality will be accessible through basic keyboard operation.

Authentication expirations online are understood to have caused frustration for users who have difficulty inputting information quickly, so a new addition has been made that allows the retention of entered data despite time-outs. Everything that was entered before the time-out will now still be there after re-authentication has been achieved. For the benefit of photosensitive customers dealing with epilepsy, no content will contain anything that flashes more than three times per second. Our websites will be optimized for the use of pointer path-based gestures, whether single-point or multi-point, as required by the path-based gestures of digital accessibility devices.

Content will be created and published at multiple reading levels where possible, with supplementary content to aid those with low reading levels in the grasping of more complex information. These and many other changes prove that Chevrolet is truly dedicated to the needs of the variably able online.

Vehicle Accessibility and the GM Mobility Program

The digital side of things covers only half of the range in terms of Chevrolet’s absolute and abiding dedication to accessibility and customer safety. Thanks to the GM Accessibility Program, the company has found new ways to ensure maximum vehicle accessibility and usefulness at minimum cost to customers. The GM Accessibility Program includes a $1,000 discount on most mobility equipment and adaptations related to increased accessibility and ease of use.

A two-year subscription to the OnStar Essentials Plan, including remote access, OnStar Safety & Security, and the OnStar Guardian App, is free for all qualifying customers. Qualification for the program has a couple of simple requirements. First, obtain and document an evaluation from your medical provider. This evaluation should cover all suggestions from your healthcare provider in terms of what you need to make your Chevrolet driving experience more accessible and user-friendly.

Second, contact your government transportation authority to inform them of your medical and driving status and ask what reviews, tags, and certifications may be needed to legally drive an altered vehicle. Make sure you get a blue accessibility parking tag and mirror hanger if doing so would improve the quality of your accessible driving experience. If you use a wheelchair lift, you may be required to have one or both by state authorities.

Eligible equipment related to the program includes automatic door openers, lifts, assistance handles, ramps, steps, transfer platforms, and wheelchair or scooter lifts. Reduced-effort brakes, emergency backup pedals, electric parking brakes, and extension lever parking brakes are available as well. You can also choose servo-assisted hand controls, left-foot accelerators, front vinyl seat covers, and non-OEM extended travel transfer seats. Safety belt extenders, adaptive steering devices, foot-controlled steering devices, steering controls, horizontal steering units, and steering column extensions also are optional.

Further eligible equipment includes zero-effort steering systems with emergency backup functions, re-locatable driving controls, secondary driving controls, elbow switches, left-hand gear selector levers, and power pans/power channels. Right-hand turn signal levers, wheelchair tie-down/lock-down systems, inverter installations, lowered floors, joystick driving systems, quad-key holders and turners, specialized alert systems, and raised roofs and doors for lifts are also eligible. Our service center can install everything you need.

Ideal Chevrolets for Accessibility Modification

All Chevrolets can be modified for accessibility to one degree or another, and we are dedicated to ensuring that that accessibility is constantly increasing. That said, there are two vehicles that have more accessibility possibilities than the rest: the Chevrolet Express Mobility Van and the Chevrolet Traverse. The hands-free capabilities of both are unmatched in the Chevy lineup, and the materials in each can be customized for maximum ease of entry, exit, and cargo loading and unloading.

The Chevrolet Express Mobility Van and Chevrolet Traverse feature available increased seat height compared to sedans for ease of entry. These vehicles also offer power liftgates than can be programmed with an opening height that fits your needs and Smart Slide seating technology that makes increasing cargo space effortless. In both vehicles, the rear storage area is more than large enough to accommodate all standard wheelchairs. Accessible storage for important items has also been maximized in both vehicles, so you’ll have places to store everything you must keep with you.

Chevrolet has come a long way in ensuring the total accessibility of its websites and vehicles. For more information on the programs, vehicles, parts, and initiatives listed above contact the experts at Stan McNabb Chevrolet Columbia in Columbia, Tennessee. At Stan McNabb Chevrolet Columbia, every customer is a deeply valued customer.