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    Chevrolet Commercial Vehicles in Columbia, TN

    Businesses like yours have relied on Chevrolet for more than 100 years. The current lineup of Chevrolet commercial vehicles has a pedigree of reliability and toughness. When you need a truck or van to work as hard as you do, Chevrolet has an array of pickups, Chassis Cabs, Cutaways, Low Cab Forwards, and vans ready to be put to work.

    Chevrolet Does Business

    Before we take a closer look at Chevy’s commercial lineup, let’s talk about Chevy’s commitment to businesses like yours. The Business Choice Program’s cash savings and incentives help you outfit and customize your vehicle to meet your unique needs. Chevy can also acquaint you with tax breaks that can save you big when it’s time to file your company’s tax return.

    Whether your fleet contains two vans or 200 trucks, Chevrolet’s OnStar service helps you manage delivery routes and track routine vehicle maintenance. You can even monitor driver behavior to make sure employees are driving in a manner that matches your company’s excellent reputation.

    Chevrolet Pickups

    Chevrolet’s powerhouse pickups offer your business savings, style, and strength. Chevrolet’s commitment to fuel efficiency means noticeable savings for your fleet’s fuel budget. Sleek styling gives your fleet a professional, eye-catching look. As far as strength, the numbers speak for themselves.

    The Colorado midsize pickup tows up to 7,000 pounds when equipped with the optional six-cylinder engine. The Colorado’s payload tops out at 1,550 pounds, and it offers nearly 50 cubic feet of cargo room. The Colorado is the perfect company vehicle that can also do some heavy lifting when needed.

    If your job requires a bit more heft, you will need a full-size Silverado pickup truck. Depending on your desired engine and powertrain combination, you can expect your Silverado 1500 to haul up to 13,300 pounds, carry a 2,280-pound payload, and hold 89 cubic feet of materials in its expansive interior. Silverado’s maximum available torque is 460 pound-feet, so you’ll have superior pulling power.

    Need a little more oomph? The Silverado HD has it. Its 910 pound-feet of torque enables the Silverado to pull 36,000 pounds with ease. Its bed can carry just over 83 cubic feet of equipment and supplies. Upgrade the trim level to the Silverado 4500 HD, the 5500 HD, or the 6500 HD, and you will enjoy up to 700 pound-feet of torque and an available payload capacity of 15,940 pounds. Silverado heavy-duty pickups have a 65-gallon fuel tank, which means more time on the job site and less time at the gas pump.

    Both the Colorado and Silverado are available in regular or crew cab. The crew cab seats up to five people. Both cab options offer the comfort, technology, and convenience that Chevrolet is known for. Such features include generous headroom and legroom, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, and concealed interior compartments.

    Chevrolet Chassis Cabs, Cutaways, and Low Cab Forwards

    If you don’t need a traditional bed on your truck, Chevrolet can outfit your fleet with Chassis Cab, Cutaway, and Low Cab Forward configurations. The Silverado 3500 Chassis Cab has a 910-pound-feet torque output, so its gross combined weight rating (the weight of the truck plus what it’s towing) is 40,000 pounds. Its gross vehicle weight rating is 14,000, enabling you to pack your Chassis Cab full of necessary equipment whether you choose the utility body, dump body, contractor body, flatbed body, or another available configuration.

    Choose between the regular cab and crew cab, depending on how many workers need to ride to a job site. The Chassis Cab comes with two USB ports and an optional 120V power outlet to keep your and your employees’ devices ready for anything.

    The Express Cutaway has a van cab and customization options that include three different wheelbase lengths as well as configurations for mobility, refrigeration, service utility, and more. When it comes to pulling power, the Express Cutaway has 464 pound-feet of torque and 401 horsepower. This vehicle can move things! You can pack the Express Cutaway with up to 8,920 pounds of payload at a maximum gross vehicle weight rating of 14,200 pounds. That means the chassis can safely handle over 7 tons, including the weight of the Express Cutaway.

    Like the other Chevrolet commercial vehicles, the Low Cab forward line can be outfitted to haul whatever you need. These heavy-duty vehicles can certainly move some heavy-duty materials. The Low Cab’s maximum payload is 16,444 pounds, and its frame can handle nearly 26,000 pounds of truck, people, and goods. When configured with a 109-inch wheelbase, the Low Cab Forward can turn at a snug 31.5 feet, perfect for tight city streets and small work areas.

    When your vehicle cabin is your office, you want all the functionality you can get. The Low Cab Forward delivers with cabin storage areas, an overhead shelf, a rear organizer tray, and seatbacks that double as work areas — all with an expansive view for enhanced visibility.

    Chevrolet Vans

    Some jobs call for a van, and the Chevy Cargo and Passenger vans come ready to work. The Cargo van’s 9,900-pound maximum gross vehicle weight rating means you can carry all you need to complete the job. You can access that cargo via the hinged cargo doors or the available sliding cargo door. If your job involves moving people, the Express Passenger van seats 12 or 15 people with ease, thanks to a spacious interior and climate control that keeps all your passengers comfortable, even those in the rear of the van.

    Three engine options help you customize your Express Cargo or Passenger van. Need more fuel efficiency? Choose the 2.8-liter, four-cylinder Duramax turbo diesel engine. Need more towing capacity? The 6.6-liter, eight-cylinder engine can tow up to 10,000 pounds. Need something in the middle? The 4.3-liter, six-cylinder engine offers fuel-efficient variable valve timing with an impressive 7,400-pound towing capacity.

    Indeed, Chevrolet commercial vehicles lead their class for reliability, efficiency, strength, comfort, value, and versatility, traits you look for when adding a vehicle to your fleet. Browse our selection of Chevrolet commercial vehicles, or contact us so we can match the perfect vehicle to your needs.

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