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While research and test driving are important parts of buying a car, the finish line is deciding exactly how you'll buy it. At Stan McNabb Chevrolet of Columbia, we know competitive Chevy finance and leasing specials can make all the difference. When you've done your research and selected the Chevrolet you want, here is a quick tutorial to help you understand financing and leasing an automobile. Give us a call at 931-548-1370 You'll also see why you'll enjoy buying or leasing with the Stan McNabb finance center.

Purchasing vs. Leasing a Car

When you buy an automobile, you'll have to arrange a way to pay the full cost. Although some people can put down most or the entire purchase in cash, the majority of Columbia residents will need a loan and payment plan. However, you can also get vehicles on a lease.

When you lease an automobile, you get it for a specified period, usually one to two years, in exchange for monthly payments. This way, you don't have to pay every month as much as you would to buy a car, while also being able to turn it in and lease something newer every few years. A lease usually requires you to maintain the car's condition and has limits on how many miles you can drive it in total.

Advantages of Leasing at Stan McNabb Chevrolet of Columbia

Payments and Affordability

Compared to financing for buying a car, you can typically expect lower monthly payments when leasing. If you outline your monthly budget and look for lease specials, you might be able to discover a new Chevy with everything you want and some sweet bonus features, all under budget. You often have a lower down payment when leasing, or none at all.

Maintenance Coverage

Keeping your automobile in good working order demands timely service and maintenance. Most of the time, vehicles on lease from a trusted auto dealer in Columbia are still under warranty, allowing you to get repairs, replacements, recall work, and other tasks done at our service center, all at no cost.

Up-to-Date Features

Leasing makes it easy to keep up with the newest infotainment, safety, and performance features. Because most leases are just a few years, you may return the keys after the term and immediately lease a newer model.

While these advantages are appealing to many drivers, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, a leased car is not yours, although you often have the opportunity to purchase after leasing. Furthermore, a lease might not be ideal for drivers with an unpredictable amount of miles driven every month.

Advantages of Buying at Stan McNabb Chevrolet of Columbia

No Mileage Restriction

One of the advantages of buying a car versus leasing is that you don't have to worry about exceeding your mileage limit — there is no limit! It's entirely up to you how many miles you want to put on your odometer.

Selling Options

When the automobile is yours and it's time to upgrade, you may sell it for cash or trade it in for a new vehicle. It's up to you when to sell it, whom to, and for how much.

It's Yours

Do you have the cash to buy an automobile right away? If you do, it is immediately yours. If you take out a car loan, you will own the vehicle after it is paid off. You can use it however you wish and even add accessories or aftermarket modifications.

If you keep the same car for more than three years, buying might be more cost-effective in the long run. That said, if you own a car for long enough, the warranty will eventually expire, so you may need to budget for some additional repair and maintenance work.

How to Qualify for Chevy Financing in Columbia

The lender will require the following information from you to authorize Chevy financing:

1. Vehicle make, model, age, and condition.
2. Credit score and history.
3. Employment history.
4. Debt-to-income ratio.
5. Repayment terms requested.

However, if you haven't built up any credit or have bad credit, you may have to pay a higher interest rate than other drivers or put down a larger initial payment. That's why, before applying for Chevrolet financing, it's worthwhile to try to raise your credit score as high as you can. If you're on the threshold of bad to average credit or from average to good credit, the difference could save you hundreds or thousands in lower monthly payments.

Everything You Need for Chevrolet Financing

We recommend speaking with one of our finance experts to see what's possible. You may be surprised by how affordable a new Chevy might be. Our payment calculator can help you get an idea of the real cost, and we fairly value your trade-in to help you mitigate more of the cost.

Our financing department works with a variety of lenders to get our customers the best Chevy car loan rates and durations for their needs. Our finance staff has access to major and minor banks and credit unions, helping show you the full scope of the Columbia auto loan market. There's no need to spend time shopping around at different lenders. After a short visit or using our forms, we can introduce you and negotiate competitively low auto financing payments with every possible lender.

Our finance team knows every available tool to expand your options. You're sure to find the best Chevy financing for your needs and budget at Stan McNabb. After a look at just your credit score, we can give you an idea of which institutions will be the most interested. By working quickly, we'll be able to reduce the number of hard inquiries on your credit and get you driving off our lot sooner.

Our finance center has spent years solving diverse financial and credit situations for folks all over Tennessee. Even if you've had problems with your credit in the past, we listen and treat you with respect. Contact our team, chat online with a representative through our site, or visit us at your leisure. If you prefer to take the first step now, you can apply for financing in minutes without affecting your credit.

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