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As you move through life, your material conditions inevitably change, and so do the things you require of your personal vehicle. Maybe you’re bored with your old car, truck, or SUV and want to try out something sleek and new. Whether you need a more capable conveyance or can’t go without a cooler car, consider trading in your old vehicle to make obtaining your new one cheaper. We’ll outline how below.

Pros and Cons of Trading-In

There are many notable advantages to trading in your vehicle, especially when you’re doing so with a dealership. Private vehicle owners can be duplicitous at times, offering one thing and giving another, causing legal issues down the road. Dealerships hold themselves to high standards and have a business reputation to maintain. They’re going to be more honest and accurate in their trade-in dealings because it is both right and in their greater self-interest to do so.

Trading in your SUV, truck, or car can reduce the taxes you have to pay on the new vehicle. In many states, trade-in deals are only taxed based on the remaining value of the new vehicle. It is far more convenient to sell your car to a dealership than to search endlessly on random sites to find a buyer on the open market. You’ll find a willing buyer far more easily if you check from dealer to dealer.

It is possible that you will be able to get a better price from a private buyer because dealers need to sell your trade-in at a profit. This can modify the price they are willing to pay for your trade-in. That said, a better private price is far from a certainty. You’re unlikely to get the ideal sticker price either way since wear over time presents differently from vehicle to vehicle, regardless of make or model.

Pre-Trade-In Steps

Before you work on trading it in, there are a few things you should do to your vehicle to make it more presentable and appealing to prospective buyers. Do a basic cleaning inside and out. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, have it detailed instead. Detailing makes your vehicle look shiny and new without making any significant structural repairs or changes. Make sure the extras that came with your vehicle are still there, including keys, DVD drives, or SD cards.

Get all of the documents related to your vehicle together. These should include a copy of the sale contract, your title, identification to match with it to prove ownership, vehicle shop service records, accident records, and any other registration-related paperwork.

Step One: Research the Value of Your Vehicle

From the moment a vehicle is driven off of a dealer’s lot, it begins to depreciate or decrease in value over time. Take note of your vehicle’s age, damage and repair history, part status, mileage, and key this information into a vehicle value calculator. These can be found on many websites, and all dealerships have versions of their own on-site.

Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds are among the most trusted sites for this sort of task. Their calculator will give you a general, ballpark estimate of the value of your vehicle, but a dealer’s estimation after an inspection in-shop will be more accurate.

Step Two: Find Out How Much You Still Owe

If you don’t fully own your vehicle, it is likely that the remaining balance will have an impact on your trade-in value. You may be surprised to learn that even with negative equity, trading in may still be possible. Negative equity is reached when you owe more than the calculated value of your vehicle.

Be sure to ask your dealership’s staff about the requirements for negative-equity trade-in acceptance. They tend to vary from dealership to dealership, and state laws often vary their parameters. If your equity is positive, or you owe less than the value of your vehicle, you’re almost certainly good to go.

Step Three: Get a Few Estimates

Dealer estimates of vehicle value will be more accurate than online versions, but they will not be the same at every dealership. Be sure to shop around to find the best possible estimate. You may find yourself saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, after a few short trips. Dealerships often favor acquiring used vehicles that fit the vehicle-makers they sell for, so you’re likely to get a slightly better deal with them than with someone who never carried the vehicle in the first place.

Step Four: Avoid Common Pre-Inspection Mistakes

People often make a shortlist of mistakes when they try to trade in their vehicles. Save yourself a ton of time and effort by avoiding these pitfalls and time-sinks. You may feel the need to touch up or repair every dent, scratch, and stain in your vehicle to an extremely detailed degree. That kind of work seldom increases the value you’ll get for your vehicle, so a standard going-over is sufficient.

Avoid omitting important information. Dealer shops do extremely thorough inspections on every part of prospective trade-in vehicles. They aren’t going to miss anything you leave out, and they’ll appreciate your openness and honesty when they are fully informed.

Step Five: Negotiate the Vehicle Price and Make the Deal

Using the combination of your trade-in vehicle estimate and the overall cost of the new vehicle, your dealership will calculate a final price. This price is negotiable, so resist the impulse to take the first price you are given. If you want a lower monthly rate, offer to pay more on the down payment. If you want to pay over a longer period of time, let your dealership representative know. They’re sure to be able to lengthen the term for you. Almost every cost-related aspect of a vehicle contract can be negotiated, so don’t be shy.

Settle on a final price and terms that are acceptable to everyone involved but slightly in your favor. If a dealer finds you to be a reasonable negotiator, they’ll be happy to deal with you in the future.

Trade-in your used car, truck, or sport utility vehicle at Stan McNabb Chevrolet in Colombia. Their expert staff will weigh your offer, guide you through their impressive inventory, and get you into the Chevrolet of your dreams in no time.

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