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    Used SUVs and Crossovers For Sale In Columbia, TN

    Whenever the time comes to purchase a vehicle, one of the most common dilemmas is whether to buy a new or pre-owned one. While going for the first option has its clear advantages, that doesn’t mean that getting a used vehicle isn’t a good choice for many reasons. 

    Used Chevrolet Vehicles Cost Less

    The most obvious advantage of getting a used vehicle instead of a new one is the price. New cars cost, on average, twice as much as pre-owned ones and certainly don’t offer you twice as much in value, so you would be saving a considerable amount of money by not buying new. 

    They say that the most expensive trip you can take in a new car is the one from the dealership to your home, as it loses at least 10 percent of its value simply by being used for the first time. It continues to dramatically drop during its first year of usage, losing up to 40 percent of its initial price. Somebody has to take that loss, and by buying a used vehicle, you’re making sure it isn’t you. Used vehicles, on the other hand, depreciate much slower, so you can resell them later on without losing too much money.

    Other Car-Related Expenses Are Also Smaller

    Aside from the money you save right away by choosing a used vehicle instead of a new one, there are also plenty of other expenses that you can significantly reduce. Insurance costs are usually somewhat proportional to the car’s value and, since used cars are estimated to cost less, the premium you pay is usually much lower. There are also other fees that come with buying a new car that would be significantly smaller or non-existent if you went for a used vehicle instead, such as the annual registration fees, which are based on the car’s year and value.

    You Have a Wider Range of Used SUVs To Choose From

    There seems to be a larger variety of car types and models than ever, with that being especially true for SUVs. When buying a new vehicle, unless you have a huge budget you’re limited to a relatively small number of cars that you can afford and that fit whatever criteria you have for a vehicle. While it’s true that you can fully customize a new car, making it exactly how you want it to be can delay shipment by months. 

    The used vehicle market, on the other hand, is huge nowadays. There are so many available cars that you can easily select plenty that fit both your budget and criteria. Also, since the prices for used cars are so much lower, your area of selection increases by a considerable margin. Even if you have a specific vehicle in mind and are only in the market for that one, choosing a pre-owned model usually means that you’ll be getting a more powerful car with much more features for a similar or lower price. 

    You’re Likely To Get an SUV With More Features

    You can also get more when it comes to added features. While getting a new car with features like alloy wheels, leather upholstery, touchscreen infotainment interface, and other similar ones can significantly raise its price, the price difference between a car with few additional features and a similar model with plenty of features isn’t usually that great. This can be especially important for SUVs, as you can get a pre-owned one with great off-road or luxury features, depending on your preference.

    Not all additional features, however, are for infotainment purposes. One of the most important features that a car can have are driver aids, which are devices that help the driver notice and avoid any road incident in due time. By getting a pre-owned vehicle, you’re more likely to afford one with a long list of such active safety features, improving the odds of you being accident-free. 

    You Have More Information On the SUV You’re Getting

    When you buy a car model that’s been on the market for a few years, you usually have access to plenty of information regarding its performance, reliability, and safety records. You can look online for consumer reviews to discover what the car’s strong and weak points are and look up safety and reliability statistics to see if the car is well-built and safe enough to meet your standards. Also, you can search for data on multiple vehicles and make an informed decision regarding your purchase by comparing your results 

    You’ll Be Getting a Certified and Thoroughly Inspected Vehicle

    While new cars come with a manufacturer warranty, you have no way of knowing how they will behave in real-life settings and what their hidden faults and setbacks are. Respectable used car dealers also offer a warranty for most of their pre-owned models, as they trust their ability to only put quality vehicles up for sale and want you to enjoy your investment so you remember them when the time comes to buy another vehicle. Most dealers have their own garage and their certified technicians usually check every aspect of a pre-owned vehicle before putting it up for sale. We also offer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that include benefits you can read here.

    It Is Better for the Environment

    Manufacturing a car takes a huge toll on the environment. The entire manufacturing process, from producing the required materials to assembling the vehicle and then shipping it to the dealership, produces a large amount of carbon dioxide, with some estimating that a quarter of a car’s carbon footprint is made before it’s actually used by a driver. A used car has already paid its price to the environment, so the only impact will be you actually driving it. Also, although the difference is smaller when it comes to hybrid vehicles, it’s still usually less pollutant to drive a used one.

    Getting a used vehicle can offer you all the advantages of a new one with much fewer disadvantages. If you’re in the market for a pre-owned SUV you can visit us at Stan McNabb Chevrolet of Columbia and take advantage of our large collection!

    Used SUVs for Sale in Columbia, TN

    Looking for a quality used SUV in the Columbia, TN area? Stan McNabb has you covered. With dozens of SUVs in our lot, we’re sure you’ll find a great vehicle. Sort the inventory above by price, make, model, or other options, until you find a vehicle that suits your needs.

    Looking for something new? Check out our inventory of the latest Chevrolet SUVs for sale. Be sure to check out our current specials as well, where you will find amazing offers and incentives from our dealership. Once you have found an SUV you like, feel free to contact us or visit our dealership for a test drive.

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